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Finding your own identity is a bit like leaving. You know when you’ll make the first step, but you’ll never be the same person upon your return.

Over the years I have had the pleasure of collaborating with entrepreneurs I like to define as “enlightened”. Because they have chosen to elaborate and define their own company’s identity or product as a strategic part of their growth, even personal.

Institutional image is not only about aesthetic research. Rather it is the road towards reinforcing your visibility, recognisability and reputation. Starting with yourself, in order to give shape to your Raison d’être.

Here are a few testimonials by entrepreneurs I have had the pleasure of working with.

Olivier-Lexa“My work with Martina was very positive for the launch and follow-up of communication at the Venetian Centre for Baroque Music. She created an original, elegant and strong image which was entirely in line with what we do, she was very proactive and it was a pleasure to work with her”.

Olivier Lexa Co Director of the Venetian Centre for Baroque Music.

matteo-cavaioni“Martina successfully conveyed the essence of my work through its image, and render it visible. It is not easy to find professionalism coupled with a distinct taste for composition arising from her artistic background.
I also appreciated her ability to respond to any communication-related requirement and need through her network of collaborators and suppliers”.

Matteo Cavaioni, StudioM, Owner.

sabrina-ruggeri“Martina did an accurate, creative and ingenious job. She managed to understand the soul of my brand and communicate it through the right image. Thank you.”

Sabrina Ruggeri Stylist and owner at Sadhuabiti

Veroniek 300x300“Martina is an amazing designer with an incredible eye for how to create beauty, on top, she is fast, smart and really nice to work with. She re-designed all of Silatha’s print materials and created the design for our new Journal and Gemstone books. The result is outstanding. Martina, doesn’t leave the project with just the design, she always goes a few steps further. Such a pleasure to work with her”!

Veroniek Vermeulen owner at Silatha



Are you a professional, a start-up or company wishing to create or renew your company image?

Are you looking for a logo which represents you, an innovative pack for your product, or for coordinated communication?

I’d be delighted to listen to your story and develop the most effective tools for telling it.



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