When dreams come true…on a t-shirt.

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When dreams come true…on a t-shirt.

When dreams come true…on a t-shirt.

When dreams come true…on a t-shirt.

Are you someone who has a dream-life?

Do you remember your dreams after waking up in the morning or perhaps you suddenly revive something you dreamt of the night before? Do you daydream?

I do and quite intensely.

Even when I was little, I always dreamt a lot. However, while in my childhood I had mainly recurring abstract dreams (like glass marbles rolling randomly on an infinite flat surface), I’m now staging terrific sagas.

The most exciting, extraordinary, daring things I’ve ever done have taken place in my dream-life.

I’m really looking forward to the invention of a dreams-recording device to capture my nocturnal oneiric activity. That could bring a real twist to my diurnal life!

Until then, I will have to settle for something else.

Recently, thanks to a collaboration with Veronica Zuccolin – an expert in ethical innovation and design – I’ve started to turn these visions into digital illustrations.

Veronica is into the natural fabrics supply chain and just launched her brand Ethica: a line of minimalist cotton and linen t-shirts.

Besides a more classic pastel colours line, she has invited different creatives to transfer their art onto t-shirts.

And here comes into play my subconscious and this is my very first illustrated dream:

Dreams-graphic -Illustration-T-shirt

Yes. It is indeed a woman (me) swinging in the sky, over the ocean, whilst touching a whale’s tail barefoot.

The t-shirts will be available soon and thanks to this opportunity I’m able to keep up the momentum of exploring in-depth the connection between art and dreams.

On that note, I recently discovered The Museum of Dreams.

The peculiar mission of this museum is exploring the social meaning of dreams through collaborations with creatives (writers, visual artists, musicians) and sourcing materials from historical records and recent acquisitions.

I’m both impressed and fascinated by their commitment to dream-life because it’s still our life, only made of a different matter.

I wish you sweet dreams! (no, that’s too sweet!)

I wish you dream something you do not dare to…



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  1. Raffaela Mulato
    Permalink to comment#

    Che meraviglia! Martina sei magica! E… quella maglietta da sogno, come si fa ad acquistarla?

  2. Roby
    Permalink to comment#

    Che bella, brava!

  3. Claudia Ruatti
    Permalink to comment#

    Grande Martina! Bellissima idea e sogno! Tienimi aggiornata su questo progetto.

  4. Paola

    Idea geniale! Veramente bella, anch’io ne voglio una appena sono pronte.


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