NOI Club. Networking for real.

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NOI Club. Networking for real.

NOI Club. Networking for real.

NOI Club. Networking for real.

Because when you thrive, everyone thrives.

Networking, connecting, supporting sharing and collaborating are terms we are so used to hearing that, at some point, they might start to sound empty or meaningless.

What does ‘networking’ really mean, or better, what does networking involve? What happens when we are part of a network that truly supports each other?

How can a real network and a supportive community impact on – and improve – our personal and professional life?

To answer these questions, I’ve decided to put on paper what really happened since I joined NOI Club.

This networking group was founded in 2015 by Paola Garbini, an inspiring transformational marketing expert, who describes NOI as “an influential international community of women in business, focused on impact, driven by connections and powered by kindness.”

Paola Garbini founder of NOI and Nancy Poller.
Paola Garbini founder of NOI and Nancy Poller.


Funny moments at NOI's birthday party.
Funny moments at NOI’s birthday party.


How many people have I connected with since joining, virtually or physically? And what impact did those people have on my life?

The infographic below shows these connections and what generated from them: new collaborators, job opportunities, cultures, places, tastes, accommodation, artists and creatives, professions, alternative networks, traditions and life inspirations. (And this list doesn’t contain all the people with whom I’ve just exchanged messages, but real contacts who turned into professional or personal experiences and relationships).

NOI Networking infographic

I can’t even imagine how maps of connections from other NOI members would overlap with mine. It might turn into an inexplicable yet mesmerizing mainly female net!

When we thrive, the whole network thrives, and any new connection corresponds to new energy that flows in the system.

Everything started with a casual encounter with Nancy at a business meetup, where she mentioned an amazing female network, supportive and driven by kindness. Well, that has proven to be so true. Therefore a huge thank you to Nancy Poller (Aligned Design Co.) and, of course, to all NOI members and its founder Paola.

Oh, and the name? NOI, in Italian, means WE. Never was a word put to better use.


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